Road Haulage

The foundation of our business.

Having grown our fleet to over 20 vehicles, ranging from low loaders to cement mixers, this enables us to haul a wide array of loads for our customers at competitive prices.

Insulated Aluminium Body

At the core of our fleet sits the insulated aluminium tipper. Perfect for carrying tarmac due it's ability to keep the load warm during transport. Capable of carrying between 16 and 20 tonnes.

Low Loader

Combined with one of our Scania or Volvo tractor units, our low loader is primarily used for hauling heavy plant to site and vehicle recovery.

Tipper Trailer & Walking Floor

Capable of carrying up to 28 tonnes, our tipper trailer can accommodate the larger, heavier loads. A walking floor trailer is also available, ideal for loose loads when access is limited.

Concrete Mixer

An expanding area of out fleet. Our concrete mixers can haul between four to eight cubic meters of concrete to site.

Steel Body

With the ability to carry up to 17.5 tonnes, our steel bodied lorries are able to carry aggregates, but are also excellently suited for providing muck-away services on construction sites.

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